Oregon Chapter of NAPNAP

NPacers Webinar: Radiology Interpretation: Chest and Abdomen


Friday, December 3, 2021 at 1:00pm ET - 4:15pm ET



Radiology, X-Rays, Primary Care, Influenza


Dr. Christopher Hemmer, DNP, ANP, ONP-C, FAANP

Credits Offered

This event offers 2.0 contact hours to attendees.
Accredited by NPACE.

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Radiographic interpretation continues to be very difficult for providers especially those who are new or changing roles. This live webinar will give attendees a strong introduction to the understanding and reading of chest X-rays as well as abdomen series. Multiple digital x-rays will be used to demonstrate normal vs abnormal variants. This discussion will be using primarily adult based radiographs.

Additionally, we are pleased to offer a CE-accredited Partner Program on the topic of Influenza.

Don’t miss this double-feature webinar event. Participants will have the opportunity to engage and interact with the speakers and get answers through a Q&A session directly following each of the presentations.